Tuesday, 22 April 2008

E-Agriculture in India: An Interview

Agriculture in India is considered to be a primary occupation for a major segment of population in India. A vast majority of rural population depends upon agriculture as their primary occupation. However, agriculture in India is in doldrums and needs rejuvenation. In this interview with Mr. Praveen Dalal, the Leading Techno-Legal ICT, Cyber Security and Cyber Law Specialist of India and Managing Member of AFPOH, the agricultural development aspects are analysed keeping in mind the benefits of e-agriculture in India.

Farmers in India must use Information and Information Technology (ICT) for agricultural purposes.

How can ICT be used for strengthening agriculture in India?
India’s food production and productivity may be increased by an effective use of ICT for agricultural purposes. The Developed Nations are using laser technology instead of tractors to plough lands. This helps in optimising the use of various inputs such as water, seeds, fertilisers, etc. The problem is that Indian farmers cannot afford this technology and unless government comes in support for agricultural infrastructure the same remains a dream only. Further, power and electricity also remains a major problem for Indian farmers and alternative means of power like solar energy panels, regulated and optimised by ICT, can be a blessing for them. Thus, e-agriculture in India can put India on the higher pedestal of Green Resolution making India self-sufficient in the matters of food grains.

What are the advantages of ICT/e-agriculture in India?
Some of the benefits of ICT for the improvement and strengthening of agriculture sector in India include timely information on weather forecasts and calamities, better and spontaneous agricultural practices, better marketing exposure and pricing, reduction of agricultural risks and enhanced incomes, better awareness and information, improved networking and communication, facility of online trading and e-commerce, better representation at various forums, authorities and platform, etc. E-agriculture can play a major role in the increased food production and productivity in India.

Reference and full interview:
Legal News and Views Friday, April 18, 2008

Seminar on Meeting Information and Knowledge Needs of Farmers in Africa Through e-Agriculture
The Africa Chapter of the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists (IAALD) has announced a one-day seminar on "Meeting Information and Knowledge Needs of Farmers in Africa Through e-Agriculture" to be held as a pre-SCECSAL XVIII Conference event at the Lusaka Hotel in Zambia, on 14 July 2008. The seminar will examine some e-agriculture initiatives in Africa, the potential role of information professionals in e-agriculture, and the need for information professionals in Africa to participate in the e-Agriculture Community of Expertise global initiative.

Evaluation report on ICT4Dev
2008:07 Sida's support to Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for Development (En, PDF 228kB)
This report is part of Sida Evaluations, a series comprising evaluations of Swedish development