Thursday, 17 April 2008

SciFest Africa

FARA is participating at the SciFest Africa, the biggest science festival in sub-Saharan Africa, Grahamstown, South Africa, 16 - 22 April.

It is NOT a gathering just for scientists – it is for anyone with an inquiring mind and wanting to know more about the fascinating world of science …. including scientists!
This year there are over 600 events which will take place at the festival including lectures, exhibitions, workshops, educational theatre, field trips, a soap box derby, laser show, high school quizzes, Science Olympics, science shows, tours and a FilmFest.
Dr. Monty Jones gave on Wednesday, 16 April a lecture on Beating hunger and poverty with ancient rice and modern science. See page 15 of the SciFest programme.

It took several cycles of backcrossing with the sativa parent to produce young plants with robust fertility. Another culture was used to double the gene complement of male sex cells and produce true-breeding plants. Ultimately NERICAs (New Rice for Africa) were produced that are as well adapted as their glaberrima parent but have the high yield potential of their sativa parent. This is having huge impact in improving the livelihoods of rural and urban Africans and their national economies.
Download the Official Programme (PDF, 7MB) (a beautifully edited programme over 84 pages!)