Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Moctar Fall on Fair Trade standard setting and the involvement of producers

Brussels, 16 April 2008. Speaking in the first panel of the Brussels Development Briefing on Fair Trade Moctar Fall, Interface Trading, argues that for producers there are two main issues to take in consideration. Firstly, in terms of standard and certification setting, Mr. Fall argues that producers need to be involved at the beginning of the process in order to be able to take part in the system on an equal footing. Secondly, referring to the involvement of the food retailers, he askes for more transparecy in the way they operate.

Profile: Moctar Fall is the director of the Fair Trade organisation Interface Trading in Senegal. Interface Trading exports agricultural products and handicrafts. He is an economist with a master in business administration. He works with the national chapter of Transparency International in Senegal and is a member of the advocacy working group of IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trade) and of the Fair Trade Advocacy Steering Committee.

Interface Trading was created in 1995 by Moctar Fall and a group of his friends with whom he worked in an international rural development NGO. Taking advantage of their experience they set up a private company which supports small scale producer groups marketing their products in local markets as well as internationally.