Thursday, 15 May 2008

The climate challenge for ACP agriculture

A short report was released 15th of May as well as the updated version in French and English of the Reader produced for the Briefing on “The climate challenge for ACP agriculture” held in Brussels on 13 February 2008. It gives a summary of the subject as well as resources and references available.

All the relevant documents on this subject are online at:


A report released by the UK based Globalisation Institute says that while many proposed solutions to climate change have the right intentions, they will ultimately fail to protect the planet. The debate about climate change solutions has been hijacked by "negative environmentalism", the view that thinks that improving the environment has to be done through big government plans to restrict foreign holidays, limit trade, force local shopping, or curb GDP.

Instead, the report says, policymakers need to adopt "positive environmentalism". This view recognises the importance of dealing with environmental problems but rejects the doom and gloom approach so commonly encountered. It sees the great environmental achievements over the past century and rejects the notion that there are long term limits to economic prosperity. It sees the importance of technology, innovation and economic growth in tackling climate change.