Thursday, 15 May 2008

ICTs and Climate Change

The May issue of the India based i4d magazine features an article on ICTs and Climate Change Building partnerships: Addressing change, more specifically on the Mountain Forum's initiative on Climate Change.

MF intends to develop a comprehensive network of partners to address regional issues and concerns pertaining to climate change. The network of partners, which is key to implementation and support of climate change dialogues is to be developed with the help of: Information function: widen the network in all regions with both scientific as well as civil society partners; widen on-line content of scientific and local experiences relevant for sustainable mountain development agenda and expertise through portals on mountain information. Support documenting local knowledge and good practices of communities and programs on climate change mitigation and adaptation, especially on renewable energy, connectivity and risk aversion.

ITU is organizing two Symposia on ICTs and Climate Change. The first was held in Kyoto, Japan 15-16 April, hosted by MIC Japan, and the second will be held in London, UK, on 17-18 June, hosted by BT. These symposia will bring together key specialists in the field, from top decision-makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, standards experts and others.
a) For the i4d article the Kyoto conference see: Symposium on ICTS and Climate Change
b) For the London, 17 - 18 June Advance Programme