Friday, 2 May 2008

Why capacity building is essential for African Research Institutes

Interview with Marcel Mwalozie of CORAF during the SCARDA workshop in Accra

Marcel Mwalozie of CORAF (Dakar) explains how the DFID supported SCARDA project (Strenghtening Capacity for Agricultural Research for Development in Africa) can help with the replenishement of African expertise. This is urgent as scientists retire and others migrate. He answers the question of which role the African diaspora can play. Marcel Mwalozie explains the particular role of the National Research Institute of the UK.

Interview with Richard Thomas of DFID who participated at the SCARDA workshop (interview by Euforic/R4D)

DFID Senior Governance Adviser, Richard Thomas, argues that DFID needs good local counterparts, partners,... "our goal is to have senior partners coming from southern countries." In the new Research for Development Strategy, DFID will redouble its efforts in capacity development and partnership so "local people tell us what's going on in their countries and interpret it in a way that is useful to them."

Interview with Judith Lungu of the University of Zambia – School of Agricultural Sciences

Judith Lungu explains how the SCARDA initiative can improve proposal writing and fundraising. A lot can be learned from similar institutions all over Africa. Working with Northern research institutes may focus on a joint research publication. But it is important that this is completed with communication products for the farmers.