Friday, 2 May 2008

Towards a “Green Revolution” in Africa

FARA participates to the Conference Towards a “Green Revolution” in Africa, 30 April – 2 May 2008, Salzburg, Austria.

There is a clear need for a new vision for agricultural development in Africa that can deal with the complexities of agriculture in diverse settings across Africa and meet the conditions necessary to achieve more equitable benefits for Africa’s farmers.

The Conference lays the groundwork for the broader initiative and goals described above. It was deemed essential to include diverse stakeholders, from within Africa and beyond, who are experts (in their given areas), leading thinkers, change-makers and are, or can influence, senior decision-makers.

It will be followed by a seminar: Green Revolution” in Africa: What Framework for Success? 3 - 7 May to refine the recommendations further and to critically examine their implications as well potential barriers to their implementation, and opportunities that may have been missed.
Kofi Annan has called for a “uniquely African Green Revolution”
founded on “bold pro-poor policies” to address the food crisis facing Africa and the world.
Julia Day, of the STEPS Centre, will be blogging from the Toward a ‘Green Revolution’ for Africa conference hosted by Salzburg Global Seminar and the Future Agricultures Consortium from April 30 to May 2. Kofi Annan hosts the event, looking at new visions for agricultural development in Africa to achieve more equitable benefits for Africa’s farmers See her blog postings
Wale Adekunle of FARA addressing the conference

Kofi Annan Addresses Need for a "uniquely African Green Revolution"

Delegates at the
conference debate