Saturday, 12 September 2009

FARA Multi Donor Trust Fund

The FARA Executive Board is pleased to confirm that an agreement was signed on 7th September 2009 between the World Bank and the FARA Secretariat establishing the CAADP Pillar IV Multi Donor Trust Fund for the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa.

The objective of this Trust Fund is to align African agricultural institutions at the national, regional and continental levels with CAADP Pillar IV FAAP Principles for effective research, extension, and training and education.

The World Bank and FARA’s group of development partners have established the Fund at the World Bank to facilitate joint-financing and to assist the further institutional development of FARA. FARA is particularly obliged to Canada, the European Commission and the United Kingdom for making the initial enabling contributions to the fund.

FARA’s 2007 – 2016 Strategic Plan, the 2008-2012 Medium Term Operational Plan (MTOP) and annual plans will be the basis for which coordinated support will be provided by all donors.