Saturday, 12 September 2009

Join the Sub-Saharan Africa e-consultation from 7-23 September

7-23 September. Spirit and objectives of the Africa e-consultation

A message from Monty Jones

We are proud to host this e-consultation and we hope that you can take few minutes of your busy schedule to share with us your own knowledge and resources relevant to African agriculture development.

We all know that we have been through various process of priority setting in each of our regions. We’ve identified our own priorities through various studies and consultations. This time, we want to consolidate such priorities and have a more action-oriented discussions. We would like to see highlighted major initiatives that have achieved impact and how we can scale them out and up across the region. During the last African Caucus meeting in December 2008, we talked about ‘collective action for change’. We would like to followup this discussion to more concrete recommendations on how we could each contribute to the changes within the ARD community but most of all be able to influence the shaping of the new CGIAR to be more inclusive and to develop stronger partnerships with other research partners.

Join the Sub-Saharan Africa e-consultation from 7-23 September at:

What are these E-consultations all about?
Simone Staiger-Rivas is coordinating the regional e-consultations. In a short video she explains why it is so important to join those virtual discussions. You can see the video here with subtitles in different langauges, like Russian, French, Spanish and more.

The Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development (GCARD) 2010 being held in Montpellier, France from 28-31 March 2010 will provide a global action plan and strategy for improving agricultural research in order to make maximum impact on development, especially of the poor. This plan and strategy will be developed on the basis of a global framework of agricultural research needs and priorities, which will be established through consultations with representatives from a wide range of agricultural research stakeholders around the world. The Conference is expected to usher in change that will reshape agricultural research and innovation and improve resources for research.