Thursday, 12 March 2009

AfricaAdapt Workshops

2-13 February 2009. Nairobi, Kenya. AfricaAdapt organized two workshops to train the network's Knowledge Sharing Officers (KSOs) in various skills and techniques related to the operations of the knowledge sharing network.

The Knowledge Sharing Capacity Building Workshop, which took place from February 2-6, 2009, focused on enhancing skills such as facilitation, collaboration, editing, content management, planning and coordination. It also initiated the KSO mentoring program.

The Outcome Mapping Training, which took place from February 9-13, 2009, introduced participants to the Outcome Mapping approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation. The KSOs were able to develop an Outcome Mapping framework to complement the Project's planning, monitoring and evaluation.

Interview with FARA KSO Jacky Nnam

Interview with ENDA KSO. Binetou Diagne's thoughts on Day 1 of the KSO Workshop

Interview with Carl Jackon (IDS-UK). Carl's thoughts on the first day of the workshop.

Short interview with Tom Mitchell, AfricaAdapt programme manager, ahead of the Nairobi KSO workshop.

Background to AfricaAdapt

AfricaAdapt is an independent network focused on Africa and primarily led by African organisations. It facilitates the flow of climate change adaptation knowledge for sustainable livelihoods. AfricaAdapt is comprised of individuals, organisations and other networks dedicated to climate change adaptation in Africa.

The network is currently being developed by four organisations: Environment and Development in the Third World (ENDA), Senegal; The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), Ghana; The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC), Kenya; and The Institute of Development Studies (IDS), United Kingdom.