Thursday, 12 March 2009

May 2009 launch of new mobile phone market information system creates high expectation

A preview of the new Esoko platform was presented at the Esoko Partners Workshop on 12/03/09

Interview with software developer DAVID MCCANN of BUSYLAB - GHANA about the new Esoko platform. The platform includes an SMS gateway with a centralised computing power in combination with an extendable mobile application.

He explains (a) why mobile phone is so important for agriculture in Africa, (b) what this new platform is about, how the application can be adapted to needs: agricultural surveys, wheater applications, market information etc. (c) how complicate the software is behind it (d) and how farmers can use it.

A reaction from one of the participants. Interview with Deroua Ali Cherif of Technoserve Mozambique at the Esoko Partners Workshop of 9 - 13/04 about the new Esoko platform for Market Information Prizes collection and dissemination using mobile phone.

Deroua expresses his amazement on what this new platform can bring to rural communities and why it is also interesting to make business: "Africa is still largely under estimated as consumer"

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