Monday, 9 March 2009


TradeNet/Esoko is holding this week with support of FARA/NSF2 at the FARA Secretariat a partner conference from March 9 – 13. The purpose of the conference is to explore solutions to partners’ challenges with deployment of MARKET INFORMATION SYSTEMS, and conduct an in depth analysis of best practices.

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Elamien Hassan Elamien Mohamed, FAO, Sudan
Mohamed Saad Ali Bayoumi, FAO, Sudan

Miranda Pabby, Esoko, Ghana

Andrea Biardi, Busylab, Ghana
William Agyemang, Esoko, Networks Ghana
Andrew Kpeleku, Esoko, Ghana
Philip Asihene, Esoko, Ghana

Sefa-Bonsu Attakora, Esoko, Ghana
Yacouba Ballo, AMASSA, Mali
Ibrahim Ouettara, APROSSA, Burkina Faso
Diomande Daouda, ANOPACI, Cote D'Ivoire

Olivier Kabre, ATP, Ghana

Deroua Ali Cherif, Technoserve, Mozambique
Patrice Annequin, IFDC, Ghana

Mohammed Moumouni, SEND, Ghana
John Ross, Mercy Corps, Afghanistan

Rija Ravelomanana, Chemonics, Madagascar
Jim Forster, Network the World, USA

Sarah Bartlett, Esoko, Ghana

Laura Drewett, Esoko, Ghana

Brian Herbert, Busylab

Mark Davies, Esoko, Ghana