Tuesday, 17 March 2009

LK Data Management Workshop

16-20 February 2009. A meeting of the Lake Kivu Project Learning Site (LK PLS) of the Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Programme (SSA CP) took place in Ruhengeri, Rwanda. The meeting set out to achieve the following:
  • Give an update on progress within the SSA CP at the LK PLS, the various task forces (TFs) and at the Project Coordination Unit (PCU); and
  • Provide participants with skills needed to manage and analyze the data collected from the baseline surveys within the different countries:
    • Share a better understanding of tools & methods;
    • Get started on data cleaning;
    • Prepare for data future analysis workshops;
    • Prepare the Monitoring and Evaluation forms for data collection;
    • Get started on a Training Manual; and
    • Provide a data clinic service.

Discussions on the first day centered on updates from the PLS, FARA and updates on the baseline surveys from the three taskforces. Participants spent days 2 – 4 learning how to use the Quefax tool practically. On the last day, Prof. Sakary Nokoe, the CRST member responsible for biometrics introduced participants to data analysis and the various techniques and methods required to analyse the data collected in the baseline survey.