Friday, 19 December 2008

7th Meeting of the CTA Advisory Committee on Science and Technology for ACP Agricultural & Rural Development

Wageningen, The Netherlands, 10 - 14 November, 2008. The overall objective of the meeting was to strengthen inter and intra-regional ACP and ACP/EU ST&I collaboration for directing the ST&I policy agenda to enhance agricultural performance in the ACP Group of States. More specifically:
  • To discuss the relevance and implications for building the critical mass of scientists in the ACP region and elaborate strategies for ensuring that this critical mass can impact positively on ACP agricultural and rural development;
  • To strengthen collaboration and elaborate plans for enhancing linkages between the activities of the Advisory Committee within the framework of the wider ACP/EU development agenda using existing instruments to influence the ACP science, technology and innovation policy and development agenda;
  • To identify strategies and priority actions for improving the outreach and impact of science, technology and innovation on ACP agricultural and rural development through enhanced networking and partnerships among the Advisory Committee members, CTA and ACP/EU partners.

During the closing remark the FARA representative Ralph von Kaufmann said:

The fact that after 7 years the AC is still vibrant and evolving is a great tribute to CTA and to all the AC members. I feel privileged to be a member of such a group. Thanks to everyone at CTA.If we can claim to be having impact we can only do so because of the determination, enthusiasm, originality and humour of one person. A person instilled with discipline and dedication to duty. If you look back in the minutes you will find that she has in past years been referred to as a Sergeant Major because when she asks you to do something - you do it, and, as she reminded us this morning, you do not waist her time in doing it. I should have guessed that her father was a policeman. He must have been a proud father and he would have been especially proud of the way in which his daughter managed this particular meeting without faltering for a moment. I ask you to join me in conveying our condolences to Judith’s mother, her son Jeremy, and all her family and as always in thanking her for the tremendous contribution she has made to establishing and sustaining this unique committee.