Monday, 15 December 2008

FARA and the SROs at the CGIAR annual general meeting

30 November - 5 December 2008. The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM08) in Maputo, Mozambique, from December 1 to 5, 2008. AGM08 brought together over 700 of the world’s leading food and environmental scientists and civil society to strengthen and expand partnerships that stimulate economic growth in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through dialogue and the sharing of experiences, participants explored how agricultural research, science and technology, and food policy initiatives can better improve the lives and livelihoods of poor people, and launch new initiatives that bring the benefits of modern science quicker and faster to poor farmers.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) in Maputo, the experts on global agriculture warned that cuts in funding for research or programs for implementing new discoveries would be catastrophic for millions of smallholder farmers and their families throughout Africa and much of Latin America and Asia.

"Our researchers have proven in the past that just small amounts of funding can boost crop yields, defeat devastating pests, and ultimately lift farmers and their families out of poverty – allowing them to earn enough money to send their children to school," said Katherine Sierra, CGIAR chair, who opened the four-day meeting.

The FARA delegation was headed by the FARA Chairman (Denis Kyetere) and Executive Director (Monty Jones) participated in several side-events, exhibition and discussions at the CGIAR annual general meeting.

Experts: Targeted agricultural investments will yield high results, slash poverty in Africa CGIAR press release, 1 December 2008