Friday, 19 December 2008

Training in WEB2.0 of Rwandan NARI at FARA

Below is an interview with Claudine Umukazi who followed during 2 weeks (8 - 19 December 2008) a training at FARA/NSF2 on the use of WEB2.0 tools which could be useful for her Institution: The Institut Scientifique de Recherches Agronomiques of Rwanda (ISAR). This training allowed her to create a ISAR Blog which you can find on

Currently, FARA is using several Web2.0 tools to which NARI trainees can be expose to, such as;
• FARA Website
• FARA Secretariat Blog (Including Vlogging)
• Vlogging: video blogging using Movie Maker
• Blip-tv for the posting of video interview (and conversion to flash)
• MailChimp for the FARA Bulletin
• Dgroups for RAILS, SCARDA, FARA stakeholder consultation
• igoogle to manage newfeeds
• Website Watcher 4.41 for monitoring changes in agriculture related websites
• Tagging
• A common google agenda
• Zoho for travel management
• TurboDemo as screen recording software for the production of small mpeg files
• CGIAR ICT-KM toolkit: