Tuesday, 27 October 2009

2010 FARA Program Planning Week & 5th Executive Board Meeting

25 -31st October 2009. FARA Secretariat. Accra, Ghana. The purpose of 2010 FARA Secretariat Annual Program Planning meetings is to reflect on the outputs and outcomes of the FARA Secretariat’s work in 2009 and to discuss and approve its work programmes and budgets for the year 2010. This Annual Program Planning Meeting has the traditional 3 separate consecutive subcommittee meetings followed by the Board meeting.
  1. The NSFs met in a retreat on 26th October to provide adequate time for in depth discussions on their progress, challenges and work programs of each NSF. There was a parallel session for each NSF in which the respective Resource Person critically reviewed the Functions’ progress, work programs and strategies. The outcome and recommendations from this retreat were presented to the Programme Sub-Committee.
  2. The Programme, Audit and Finance and the Nominations subcommittees will hold their meetings concurrently on the 27th and 28th October.
  3. The SRO-CSO-FARA retreat, scheduled for 29 October will review the Secretariat’s collaborations and working relationships with Sub-Regional Organizations (SROs) and civil society organizations (CSOs).
  4. The Board meeting on 30-31 October will receive the Secretariat’s report on its 2009 achievements and expenditure against planned activities and budgets. It will review and approve the Secretariat’s 2010 work plan and budget based on the recommendations of the Programme Subcommittee.