Thursday, 22 October 2009

CABI Global Summit: 'food security in a climate of change'

19-21 October, London. CABI Global Summit: 'food security in a climate of change' . Speaking at a global food summit, organised by the not-for-profit environmental research centre CABI, Professor Beddington - UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser, said science will be the only way to feed the world in the future. He said that by 2030 the world will have to produce 50 per cent more food and energy, together with 30 per cent more available fresh water, whilst adapting the floods and drought caused by climate change.
DFID's Chief Scientist Chris Whitty spoke frankly about the challenges and opportunities for food security over the coming decades. The issues surrounding food security are underpinned by a complex interaction of economic volatility, growing populations, and of course the impact of climate change. Linked to the issue of food security are rising food prices driven by the increasing demand for food, rising fuel prices, and inappropriate agricultural policies among other factors.

Visit the website for the CABI Global Summit for more information, including speaker biographies and abstracts.