Thursday, 29 October 2009

Announcement: Global Competition on Climate Adaptation: November event

November 10th -13th. 100 finalists have been selected to showcase their ideas in the 2009 Global Development Marketplace Competition on Climate Adaptation (DM2009) to be held at World Bank Headquarters this November. 20-25 of these finalists will receive grants of up to $200,000 to implement their projects over two years. Nearly 200 subject matter experts from both inside and outside the World Bank Group volunteered their time to help conduct a rigorous assessment process.

Proposals were selected based on their innovation, objective and measurable results, project design and organizational capacity, sustainability of impact, and growth potential. The DM2009 finalist cohort consists of social entrepreneurs and development practitioners from 47 countries and represents the most innovative and high-potential project ideas in the areas of:
  1. Resilience of Indigenous Peoples Communities to Climate Risks
  2. Climate Risk Management with Multiple Benefits
  3. Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management

The top 10 implementation countries are - Peru, Philippines, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Kenya, Ecuador, India, Nepal, Cambodia and Colombia


African list of finalists

  1. Burkina Faso, Affordable housing for rural families facing desertification in the Sahel
  2. Ethiopia, Clay pot micro-irrigation for climate risk management and food security in a dry highland village
  3. Ethiopia, Adaptation to climate change using innovative tools to match conserved seed to needs of women farmers
  4. The Gambia, Pro-Millet: Green Shoots for Sub-Saharan Sustainability
  5. Ghana, Small holder-led micro-insurance for Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
  6. Kenya, Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting Interventions for Climate Change Adaptation in Maasai Mara Ecosystem
  7. Kenya, Photovoltaic Chromatinet Shade Houses & Fog Collectors To Solve Food, Water & Energy Crisis In Arids
  8. Kenya, Establishment of a community cereal bank to mitigate food shortage caused by climate change
  9. Kenya, New partnerships for effective vigilance and response to climate induced risks in plant health
  10. Kenya, Predictive water management tools to help pastoralists access contingency funds and adapt resource usage
  11. Madagascar, Promoting Community Kits for Adapting to Climate Change and Monitoring Impacts
  12. Mozambique, Zero Emission Fridge for Rural Africa (ZEFRA): Low cost post-harvest technologies for rural communities
  13. Nigeria, Climate Change on Air
  14. Rwanda, Adoption of temperate fruit trees to mitigate the effects of climate change in the highland areas
  15. Tanzania, Fishers of the Future: Interactive Radio Drama for Climate Change Adaptation
  16. Uganda, Dissemination of best practices to enhance community adaptation to and mitigate climate change in Uganda
  17. Uganda, Climate neutral farming:Using carbon credits to improve income and sustainability of smallholder farming