Thursday, 29 October 2009

Announcement: Dialogue between Europe and its Southern partners

17th December 2009, Brussels . ERA-ARD, SCAR and EIARD, with a special support of CIRAD, the French agricultural research centre for international development, the ERA-ARD Coordinator, co-organise an international conference entitled: « Dialogue between Europe and its Southern partners on agricultural research and climate change »

This conference aims at facilitating the identification and initiating coordination of European agricultural research programmes for mitigation and adaptation actions to climate change for mutual benefit of Europe and its Southern partners. Conference objectives:

The conference will focus on three major themes:
  • What are the challenges and why a dialogue between Europe and its Southern partners is necessary?
  • Initial mapping of on-going and planned agricultural research programmes related to climate change in Europe and the Southern regions.
  • Priorities for the future: What are the research priorities and coordination mechanisms to be put in place for reducing the impact of climate change on the agricultural sector?
  • What could be the agenda of a European joint programme initiative in this field?

Reference: International Conference ERA-ARD