Thursday, 18 October 2007

Harnessing the Agricultural Productivity of the Moist Savannas by dissemination proven technologies and agricultural practices: Going to Scale in Burk

Traditional housing in West Burkina
Boipelo Freude and Jean-Claude Legoupil have participated from 7 to 13 October in a mission to define a 5-year "Going to Scale in Burkina Faso” project with the main focus on capacity building and the empowerment of farmers and entrepreneurs to promote sustainable diversification and intensification of crop-livestock production systems in conservation agriculture.

Cotton field

The situation is now changing considerably in the moist savanna ecology of Burkina Faso as technologies and new agricultural practices have been developed and tested. New technologies are now ready to be disseminated. Based on similar technologies and practices, 20 millions hectares of land in the savanna ecology in Brazil have been sustainably intensified and diversified. New horizons are opening up for agricultural intensification in the moist savanna ecologies of Burkina Faso. There is no doubt that the introduction of these technologies and practices is of enormous potential to rebuild and enhance soil fertility and land productivity.
Crop rotation Mais - Cow Pea
The project will also promote on-farm farmer-participatory discovery and adaptation of
promising pipeline technologies which will feed into farmers. The proposed project will fully embrace the Framework African Agricultural Productivity principles and guidelines for improving institutional arrangements for implementing Pillar IV of the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP). It also responds to the call for agricultural adaptation to climate change, which will be increasingly essential for smallholder livelihoods in the savanna ecologies of Burkina Faso.
Farmers Field School

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