Thursday, 4 October 2007

The use of wiki in CGIAR

Wikis: Facilitating CGIAR Teamwork
(…) In a bid to prepare the team for any possible changes and to increase access to and visibility of information related to managing the CGVlibrary Project, Luz Marina and her colleagues at IFPRI have established the CGWiki.

Team members can now log on to this collaborative online workspace to participate in programmed activities, suggest new resources, report problems, track solutions and implementations, and stay current on usage statistics.

Previously, team members had expressed frustration over having to search through personal hard drives and e-mail inboxes to retrieve the latest versions of Project documents and found it difficult to keep track of specific activities and the people responsible for working on them.
With the wiki, they now have around-the-clock access to the latest Project information via a single website and can easily keep track of the activities of other team members.

The CGWiki works because the team members have agreed to update information related to their own activities. And in the process, they are creating a knowledge base of the entire Project in one place.

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