Monday, 1 October 2007

Meeting between FARA and the Millennium Village Programme

The Millenium villages in the whole of Africa and in Ghana (village of Bonsaaso):

Participants to the meeting:
Millemium Village Programme
- Rafael Flor
- Samuel Asare Afram
- Boipelo Freude
- Adewale Adekunde
- Aggrey Agumya
- Francois Stepman

The Project operates through intervention committees, whose members are elected by communities and coordinated by a unit committee.
–Agriculture and Environment & Business Development
–Water and sanitation
–Infrastructure (Roads, Transport &Energy)

Some pictures of the Millenium village in Ghana: Bonsaasa

Community Action Planning Process:

Capacity building

Interview with Rafael Flor:

Integrated rural development approach has the handicap
that you get over surveyed because every sector (health, education, nutrition,
infrastructure, agriculture, …) want to be captured for its impact”

"Thank you also for the productive working meeting. As discussed during the meeting and now that potential areas have been identified, it would be good to continue working, via email, on defining objectives, mechanisms and next steps."

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