Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Interview with Aissetou DRAME YAYE (SCARDA)

Aissetou DRAME YAYE, interim SCARDA Progamme Officer, explains the activities of SCARDA (Strenghtening Capacity for Agricultural Research and Development in Africa). She also answers the question what she learned from FARA as she accepted the post of Executive Secretary at ANAFE (African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education).

The interview was saved on a Video for ISDN (48 Kbps) file to enable those with a dial up modem (with a relatively low bandwidth) to view the video. But as a consequence there is a loss of quality (the sub titles are not always easy to read, the image is not always clear and also the sound is less). I guess we will have to live with it for the time being.

Portret of Aissetou DRAME YAYE

Born in Mali, Aissètou Dramé Yayé is Senegalese by birth and Nigerian by adoption. She holds a B.S. in Forestry (from the Academia of Agriculture of Krakow in Poland), two Master degrees respectively in Animal Biology (from the Faculty of Science of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Senegal) and in the Use of New Information and Communication Technologies in Education (Distance learning Master from the University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg, France), and a PhD in Entomology (obtained at the Zoology Department of the University of Ghana). She worked in forestry development projects in Senegal and in Niger before coming to tertiary education. She started as a training expert in Entomology at the AGRHYMET Center before becoming, since 2000, a lecturer in Forest Management, Agroforestry and Forest Entomology at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University Abdou Moumouni of Niamey in Niger. At the same time, she did several consultation studies for the Economic Community of Africa (on Sustainable development), for Action Aid and ROPPA (on food Security), and for the African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) (on the evaluation of tertiary Education in West Africa). She will be joining ANAFE as the Executive Secretary with effect from 1st November 2007 based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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