Friday, 12 October 2007

Proposal Writeshop for the CCAA African Climate Adaptation Knowledge

During two days, 11th and 12th October 2007, a writeshop was externally facilitated by the Institute of Development Studies at FARA.

The workshop is a continuation of the discussions held at a Dakar workshop in early September 2007.

The purpose is to have a continent-wide knowledge sharing network on climate change adaptation to be developed and led by a Core Group (CG) of institutions, which include those representing Africa’s regions and language groups and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), whose involvement provides a transitional support and management function for the initial phases of network building.

The CG, in partnership with other organisations, will also deliver a series of capacity-building processes on adaptation research communications targeted at research partners supported by the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa (CCAA) programme. The ultimate objective is to share knowledge, secure learning and build capacities to facilitate adaptation to climate change among Africa’s most vulnerable people.

This three year project, informed by a community of practice model, will blend the development of a web and print-based knowledge sharing platform with face-to-face network meetings, with capacity development of the core group and with a set of events designed to build research communication capacity among CCAA research partners. By first improving the competences of the core group, by engaging with Africa’s existing networks and by targeting improved knowledge sharing and research communication among CCAA research projects, the project will influence and engage other boundary partners, particularly ‘at-risk’ groups and policy-makers.

Interview with Dr. Tom MITCHEL

Institute of Development Studies (IDS)
Sussex, UK

Other participants to the write shop
Natural Resources consultant

Abdul-Rahman SUMAILA
Action Aid Ghana

Senior programme specialist
Innovation, technology and Society (ITS)
West and Central African Regional Office (WARO)
International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Thevan NAIDOO, learning and sharing manager
Khanya-aicdd African Institute for Community Driven Development
South Africa

Institute of Development Studies (IDS),
Sussex, UK

Forum of Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)
Accra, Ghana

IGAD Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPA),
Nairobi, Kenya

IGAD Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC)
Nairobi, Kenya


Francois STEPMAN
Communications Expert, FARA
Accra, Ghana

The two interpreters Victor IMBOUA-NIAVA and Dr Steve SYME commented that even they found the discussions during the write shop interesting . . .

IDS Climate Change and Disasters Knowledge Networks and Information Services

Together with the IDS Information Department, the CCD Group supports a large and diverse international community through a variety of knowledge services and networks for knowledge sharing on vulnerability and adaptation.

Linking Climate Adaptation (LCA) Project
A project investigating the most appropriate frameworks for linking locally determined climate change adaptation upwards to national and international policy. At the centre of the project is the LCA Network, a web and email-based network for all those with an interest in climate adaptation in developing countries to share their relevant experiences and knowledge. The network provides an online discussion space for close to 700 members and has covered discussion topics such as Preparation and Implementation of NAPAs, Climate Change and Disasters and Future Adaptation Policies. It has also coordinated a set of case studies and convened a workshop of African researchers to generate and link research ideas.
LCA Project:
LCA Network:

Community Based Adaptation Exchange(CBA-X)
An online resource initiated by the International Institute for Environment and Development and hosted by IDS to support the exchange of up-to-date information on community based climate adaptation, including definitions, case studies and tools for implementation. The resource is hosted by through ELDIS and the LCA website.

The SPIDER Network (Science and Policy Interfaces for Disaster Risk Reduction)
A network established to re-evaluate the role of science in disaster management. Through a series of meetings and activities six UK-based academic departments from different universities and disciplinary traditions have been exploring the interface between more community centred approaches to DRR and the ways in which traditional hazard-related scientific knowledge is generated. The meetings are generating conference reports documenting the discussions and emerging research questions. The network intends to publish a series of working papers and annotated bibliographies of interdisciplinary DRR related research.
SPIDER Network:

Poverty and Adaptation Seminar Series Network (PASSNET)
This seminar series on pro-poor climate adaptation seeks to develop co-operative partnerships between researchers and development specialists to explore the theoretical and policy challenges related to making climate adaptation work for the poor. By hosting meetings in the UK, Africa and in the wings of the UN Climate Conference, the research network will engage and involve policy-makers, academics, practitioners, and members of industry, while retaining a core community of researchers.

Other Relevant IDS Knowledge Services:

Ø ELDIS Climate Change Adaptation Resource Guide
ELDIS provides an online gateway to thousands of documents, resource guides, country profiles covering all aspects of development, policy, practice and research. Eldis climate change adaptation guide provides a summary of current thinking on climate adaptation issues with access to relevant and up to date resources and publications for researchers, practitioners, and policy formers.

Ø Climate Change on ID21
An online database communicating UK-sourced international development research for policymakers and practitioners worldwide including the latest in climate change and development research.

Ø Livelihoods Connect
An online database for information resources related to sustainable livelihoods.

Ø Siyanda (Gender and CC)
An online database of gender and development materials from across the world including tools, case studies, policy papers and research to support practitioners in implementing gender programmes and in mainstreaming gender equality concerns. The site includes resources on Gender and Climate Change.

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