Tuesday, 17 June 2008

ACP-EU Agricultural Commodities Kick-Off Workshop

Regional Consultative Workshops for Southern Africa: Tanzania 17/06/08 to 20/06/08

The EU-funded (€ 45M) “All ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme” (AAACP) became operational in September 2007 following a long gestation period.The overall objective of this EU-funded programme is to improve incomes and livelihoods for ACP producers of traditional and other agricultural commodities, and to reduce income vulnerability at both producer and macro levels.
  • Supporting the participatory formulation and implementation of commodity chain strategies in Commodity Dependent Developing Countries (CDDCs)
  • Encouraging sustainable corporate practices and investments for sustainable commodity production
  • Advancing efforts to develop regional markets, policies and services in support of commodity sectors
  • Supporting CDDCs in their diversification efforts
  • Extending access to market-based commodity risk management instruments
  • Maximising opportunities for CDDCs in the multilateral trading system, and
  • Developing multi-donor cooperation and coordination in support of commodity strategies.
AAACP Newletter February 2008