Thursday, 19 June 2008

EMRC AgriBusiness Forum

18-20 June. Rome, Italy. AgriBusiness 2008 aims at contributing to the growth & wealth of Africa by a further development of its agro-food industry, with the expertise, experience and involvement of knowledgeable individuals and institutions. FARA will be part of a group discussing research and innovation for a sustainable growth in agriculture: best practices and experiences learnt.

Forum's Objectives:
  • Contribute to a better understanding of Africa’s needs in terms of producing food for its population
  • Examine the role of Africa’s & Europe’s private sectors in accelerating Africa’s agro-industrial development
  • Showcase successful PPP practices (private-public partnership) that contribute to a sustainable growth
  • Strengthening the linkages alongside the supply chain in the agro-food Industry
  • Matching the demands from Africa with worldwide offers
  • Create better environment conditions to transfer successful experiences

Reference: Preliminary Programme

About EMRC

Established in 1992 in Brussels, Belgium, EMRC is an international association composed of a vast network of entrepreneurs, financiers, consultants and officials coming from some 100 countries. EMRC’s core activity is the organisation of business events, economic missions and targeted business-development services. These activities are focused on supporting new global trends to achieve sustainability in Africa’s private sector.