Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The audio files of the FAO newsroom

The FAO newsroom offers, free of charge, online audio files on FAO's related events and programmes.

Here are some files (African selection) on the High level on World Food Security:

Question to Ban Ki-moon from l' Agence Panafricaine d'Information (PANA)
Duration: 3min.22sec. / Format: mp3

Address by Mr Jacques Diouf, Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization
French version / Duration: 26min. / Format: mp3
English version / Duration: 22min. / Format: mp3

His Excellency Isaias Afwerki, President of Eritrea
English / Duration: 5min.55sec. / Format: mp3

Address by the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe
Duration: 12min.5sec. / Format: mp3

Discours du Président du Sénégal, Abdoulaye Wade
French / Duration: 9min.25sec. / Format: mp3

Son Excellence Monsieur Ismaël Omar Guelleh, Président de la République de Djibouti,
French / Duration: 8min.33sec. / Format: mp3

A South African look at Food Security issues of 3-5 June 08 Summit, Rome

Duncan Samikwa (SADC) shares some of the major interventions in South Africa in dealing with the challenges of climate changes on food insecurity.
Duration: 5min.10sec. / Format: mp3

Independent non -governmental organization Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP) in South Africa say the country has done well by excluding maize in their biofuels strategy.
Duration: 4min.23sec. / Format: mp3

Neil Townsend, Oxfam touches on the advantages of biofuels in an attempt to alleviate climate change.
Duration: 5min.1sec. / Format: mp3

South Africa’s Economic Policy Research Institute, Dr Seshi Kanki says the challenges of food crisis could be minimized with introduction of solid social protection systems for the vulnerable community.
Duration: 4min.3sec. / Format: mp3

South Africa’s Wits University Research Group on Vulnerability Adaptation Mitigation Planning believes there should be an extensive research before we could all blame climate change on impact of food security. Professor Colleen Vogel says the emphasis should also focus on current climate variability and its impact on people.
Duration: 4min.35sec. / Format: mp3