Thursday, 5 June 2008

African edition of the World Economic Forum

The African edition of the World Economic Forum (04/06-06/06) is being held in a idyllic South African tourism resort against the backdrop of mounting problems threatening the continent's recent trend of economic growth. This year's edition has attracted about 850 participants among them political leaders, captains of industry, top journalists and civil society. They are expected to tackle issues as varied as the business environment, political leadership, international relations and food security in at least 50 sessions.

Food security, geopolitical instability, economic shocks and climate change are among top risks facing Africa, according to a new report released (20 pages) at the World Economic Forum on Africa.

Co-author Irene Casanova is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Program. She says the report cites four risk areas: Food and Fresh water Security, Geopolitical Instability, Economic Shocks and Climate Change.

“In 43 Africa countries there are food deficiencies. Inflation does not help. Population keeps on growing. And even if agricultural productivity has improved, it needs to increase even further. These combined with social conflict and so on -- actually it makes the situation at risk,” she says.

One solution, she says, would be to expand Africa’s Green Revolution to go beyond technology and reform government enterprises to improve agricultural productivity and bring economic stability.

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