Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Content management for African biological farming

The INFONET-BioVision Information Platform aims to strengthen sustainable development of farmers and rural communities in Africa by making information on key topics available through an internet platform and other creative solutions and dissemination strategies.

The information platform is used as a resource pool for disseminating information inside and outside the internet through active cooperation with partner organizations and local farmer- and women's groups and with information and communication technologies (ICTs).

The core concept of Infonet-BioVision is the database with its processed information and pre-defined structure which facilitates the rapid and easy incorporation of new data. As the needs of users with varying levels of knowledge and experience ought to be catered for, the platform around the database is conceived in such a way that the users can access its content through different entry points. These include databases on sustainable pest and crop management, animal, human and environment as well as training modules in these areas. Furthermore, it will be possible for the users to send feedback information to the project team-members regarding their experiences.

Hereafter follows an interview with a representative of AVALLAIN/Enhancing education who made a presentation during the e-Learning Africa 2008 conference on 30/05/2008

He explains how on the platform you can find local relevant and effective information with contributions of farmer groups, local experts and international scientists on:
  • organic agriculture and crop husbandry for food security
  • effective ecological prevention and control of plant-, human- and animal targeting pests and diseases
  • simple and environmentally safe technologies and approaches to improve your life and generate income while at the same time protecting the environment and the natural resources