Sunday, 7 June 2009

First African Organic Conference 2009

May 19th-22nd, 2009 Kampala, Uganda. African Organic Conference 2009 Fast tracking sustainable development in Africa through harnessing Organic Agriculture and Bio-technology

The Conference presented Organic Agriculture as a science relevant to sustainable development, poverty eradication and assured food security in Africa. The conference exhibited up to date scientific innovations and other development initiatives achieved over years. Participants shared and exchanged knowledge, which is very much needed for national development of the Organic Agriculture sector and Bio-safety Programmes.

Dr. Laurence Gordon of FITOTEC interviewed during the First African Organic Conference 2009 (Kampala May 19th-22nd, 2009) explains how the future of plant, soil and water health will become more dependent on the use of beneficial bacteria, and fungi.

Bioremediation, bio transmutation, beyond organic, coupled with quantum physics are the concepts and domain organic farming is now venturing to cure. Water quality and quantity (be it nitrates, toxins, salt water intrusions or dwindling water supplies) is fast becoming the forefront of its concerns.

The goal is: a. to maintain production levels, improving soil, crop and water health with the minimum use of inorganic chemicals, b. to use natural organisms to achieve the same or superior results, at the same time suppressing biotic or abiotic factors, c. to reduce the contamination of the environment d. to improve health.


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