Thursday, 4 June 2009

Increasing the effectiveness of Community Radio in Climate Change Adaptation

27-30th April 2009. Abidjan, 147 Community Radio stakeholders from more than 30 countries gathered in Abidjan, Côte d’ivoire for the 4th AMARC Pan African Conference. They analyzed the challenges to development and the situation of Community Radio in Africa and defined actions for “increasing the effectiveness of Community Radio in Poverty Reduction, Good Governance and Climate Change Adaptation”.

The members and stakeholders of AMARC Africa, defined a.o. strategic lines of action on climate change mitigation by African communities. AfricaAdapt presented the access to information and knowledge resources/networks that can guide radio practitioners wishing to engage in the climate change and adaptation work.

Interview with Houinsou Félix Sèdègnon, ADRAO Immaculée Conception, Bénin - on the role of community radios for climate change adaptation.

Excerpts from interviews with African community radio broadcasters at the April 2009 AMARC Pan African Congress about the importance of community radio to climate change.

Short video produced by the Nganyi community on the indigenous climatic knowledge project they are undertaking in Kenya.