Monday, 8 June 2009

'Global Sustainable Development - A challenge for European Research

26-29 May 2009. Brussels, Belgium. The conference discussion centred on Sustainable Development. It was mainly organized to highlight the importance of research in sustainable development in Europe and the world. Scientific papers were written and selected for presentation during various parallel sessions. See program of the conference in the attached file.

Coming close to mid-term of FP7 implementation, this 3-day conference took stock of the progress made so far and identify ways and means for putting the European research system at the service of sustainable development.

Dr. Jones was a speaker during the session on, ‘Enhancing global sustainability through international cooperation’. He gave a speech on ‘opportunities to promote food security in Africa through scientific cooperation’.

Major issues raised during the conference included:
  • accountability of research for sustainable development; and how it can assist in the industry’s transition towards sustainable development
  • sustainability of cities, sustainability of road transport and social sustainability
  • corporate responsibility, life-cycle assessments and environmental technologies for economic development,
  • tools and methodologies for water management,
  • foresight and public goods- new framing for agricultural research
  • contributions of civil society organizations to research for sustainable development
  • nuclear energy and sustainability: role of research
  • interactions and feedbacks between ecosystems and climate change