Tuesday, 30 June 2009

ICT-enabled collaboration transforming agricultural science, research and technology

16-17 June 2009. Workshop 3 at the Science Forum, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
The CGIAR’s Program on Information and Communication Technologies and Knowledge Management (ICT-KM) has been working over the past years on learning about and promoting ways of ‘connecting people, technology and knowledge for agricultural innovation’. With key projects dealing with a range of ICT and KM questions and topics in its portfolio it has amassed a wide range of knowledge, best practices, experiences and evidence on ICTs and KM in the context of (mostly CGIAR) agricultural research.

Simone Staiger-Rivas of the CGIAR advises research organizations thinking about knowledge sharing "not to start with a strategy."She suggests instead to start small with different projects and experiments. She concludes that we need to adopt the basic approach used in research - to learn, to think about, to experiment, have trials, then scale up - "that's exactly what we should do in knowledge sharing."